Use a signature that will auto-update with the title of your latest blogpost

What does it do? Generate a image with the title of your latest blogpost. So you can use it in your (HTML) e-mail & forum signatures. Why I made this (dutch)

What do I need? A Wordpress Blog. Updated. I use the newly introduced REST API features for retrieving the latest post name. If you use an outdated version of Wordpress this generator will not work.. (just hit the update button in Wordpress...)

How it works

Based on your (Wordpress) website URL and some styling options, this will fetch your latest blog title and create an image (PNG) of it. This image will update every time you post a new entry to your blog. Resulting in a kick-ass up-to-date signature every time you send an e-mail. It's basicly set-up & forget. Enjoy!

E-mail signature source code:

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E-mail signature sample:

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